4 Reasons to Sell Your HouseThis Winter

Have you been thinking about selling your house and moving to a new location? Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a better place and looking to close the deal but worried about the selling price of your old house?

We want to let you know that there has not been a better time to list your house for sale than right now.

Following are 4 reasons why listing your home for saleright now is the best thing you can do in moving to a better location:

There Is a Strong Buyer Demand

According to NAR median listing time in the market was only 40 days last month. Buyers are actively looking for new housing and the strong competition for housing has kept price far above the usual seasonal level.

The high demand pressure from buyers has lowered the current market inventory levels to less than six months. If you put your property for listing right now, you can expect to sell your housequickly and get a good price as well.

Selling Competition Is Low in the Market

Most homeowners are reluctant to sell their houses right now which has dried up the housing inventory and driven prices up. We are in a seller’s market right now with more buyers actively searching for houses than are available to fill the gap.

Terms of sale are being decided by the sellers and they are able to get a premium on their home values. New constructions and sellers are not expected in the market for the next couple of months which makes it a good time to get a good value for your property.

It Is the Perfect Time for Buying a Better Home

Based on market predictions by Corelogic, market prices are expected to rise over the year by an average of 4.7%. If you are looking to move to a higher valued property, now would be the best time to do it. 

Waiting to purchase a new house until later will end up costing you more money, both in terms of down payment and mortgage installments.

It Is the Best Time to Start Living the Way You Want

With the coming of a New Year and spring approaching fast, it is time for new beginnings. If you have been thinking of putting your home for saleand switching to a better location, now would be the perfect time to make 2018 the year you start living life the way you want.

Peter Angelas
Peter Angelas